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Meili created a blog to document a year she spent on house arrest from November 2011 to November 2012.  House Arrest Girl has been featured on ABC News 20/20 with Barbara Walters and The Ricki Lake Show. 


Excerpt from House Arrest Girl blog:
"Hot Water"

December 8, 2011



....I technically could take a bath, just on the one condition that I keep my left ankle propped up the entire time.  Kind of awkward, but if I hadn’t been so tired tonight, I would have said game on and made it work.  I’ll take a slight discomfort if it means having my bath.  However, that wasn’t my biggest concern.  When I’m exhausted and get into a bath, I get so relaxed that I tend to fall asleep.


I kept having this horrible vision of me dozing off in the bathtub, letting my ankle bracelet slip into the water and lose signal, then ten minutes later my door gets kicked down by an armed SWAT team that promptly cuffs me and drags me out of the bathtub and back to the slammer.  If ever there were a time to be naked and handcuffed, this isn’t it.


This particular set of consequences has taken many things from me.  Tonight, it was a bath.


335 days to go.

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